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Today’s trading environment is more complex then ever. To perform, the Desk must manage product processes that are becoming ever more sophisticated, both broad and deepening regulation and all the time focus on managing risk and executing on opportunities.
Maxatta Desk Automation is a first in class standardised dashboard for Traders to automate desk processes. Driven by 6 standard but powerful software cores Desk Automation absorbs significant administration to focus traders on risk management and trading opportunities.
Desk Automation is also the core data capture engine working continuously to store and organise vast private data around the desk operation that becomes crucial to getting an edge in decision making.
Desk Automation is a market led solution meaning you benefit from market wide standards in process automation, regulation and audit. An immediate impact on the desk in providing efficiency, productivity and decision enhancement.

We are a technology company focused on robotic process automation in the front office.


In the information age this data is a valuable commodity and asset. Trading desks are surrounding by important transient data not captured. This data capture is crucial to understanding, analysis and decision making. Maxatta Data Capture provides a centralised point for the desk to capture data through a range of adaptors.
  • Through Desk Automation data capture is driven by the Traders based on what they actually want.
  • Data becomes immediately accessible to Maxatta functionality so it can be organised and viewed through the solution.
  • Desk Automation carries automated data cleaning processes reducing the overhead in data management.



Above the core data capture engine within Desk Automation core analytics are immediately available for insight and decision intelligence. Why choose Desk Automation to deliver you core analytics.
  • Their is need for a clean dashboard around trading and related processes. Multiple and bespoke becomes both messy, unstable and expensive.
  • Desk Automation becomes the key internal node to combine both private and public data for vital desk insight and intelligence.
  • Maxatta will deliver emergent technology and features to ensure it remains a best in class solution for clients.
  • Design -Simple to use features that a value driven powered by effective software technologies. Within the Maxatta technology AI will power key intelligence to ensure platform delivers market leading functionality that will impact both bottom line efficiency and top line performance.